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3D Files


Each printed 3D part is based on digital data, i.e. a 3D file. The first step of 3D printing on a Sintratec 3D Printer is therefore providing a 3D file. To get a 3D file you can either “draw” one yourself with a CAD software of your choice or get one through third parties (usually the Internet or contract designers).


Commonly used CAD software:


Typical sources on the Internet for 3D files are the following:


STL File Format


To be able to print your 3D files on a Sintratec Printer they have to be in the correct file format, i.e. yourfile.stl. STL is the 3D printing standard file format. All commonly used CAD software provide a STL exporter.


Commonly used CAD software:


Online conversion tools to convert a 3D model into STL:



STL Repairing


Many STL files do have errors which have to be repaired before you are able to 3D print it. Especially if you get 3D files from the Internet or designers who are new to 3D printing, STL repairing is frequently needed. If you draw your 3D files by yourself you usually can fix the errors easily after finding them. Especially for objects coming from 3D scans STL-fixing is necessary. If you use third party STL files you can find  and repair STL errors by using dedicated third party STL software.


Frequently used STL software for STL file fixing:


Online repairing tool: