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The Sintratec Central allows you to set some custom print job parameters for your Sintratec Kit. Those are as follows:

Choose show preview to see the slicing and the individual layers in a “preview” tab.


Set your custom slicing parameters.

Sintratec PA12

Use predefined slicing settings for SIntratec PA12.

Custom Parameters

In the second tab you can set the parameters and prepare the 3D print file(s) for printing (i.e. the 3D print file(s) get sliced into individual print layers). You can choose between the Sintratec PA12 parameters or setting your own parameters.

Layer Height

Set height of each layer. The 3D print file(s) will be sliced accordingly. 100-150um is recommended.

Number of perimeters

Set number of perimeters. See pictures bellow (1 perimeter vs 3 perimeter).


Perimeter Offset

Set spacing between perimeters. See pictures bellow (150um vs 50um perimeter offset).

Hatching Offset

Set offset between Hatching and innermost Perimeter. See picture bellow (50um vs 150um hatching offset).

Hatching Spacing

Set spacing between Hatching lines. See picture bellow (150um vs 250um hatching spacing).

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